Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The life of a servant

The role in this life that I aspire to is that of a servant.  Not a slave or step-and-fetch, but someone who is of service to others.  This is my ideal state of being.  I try to attain this state and am met with some success.

I work for a living.  My boss needs help accomplishing goals.  My role in this relationship is to help my boss be successful.  I manage people.  My role as a manager is to help my staff be successful.

It doesn't matter which direction I look.  My role is to help others be successful.  My success is in making others successful.  My focus is on others and not myself.

My wife and I have a loving relationship.  My goal is to fulfill my wife's needs and desires.  I put her before my own desires and needs.  She does the same to me.  The relationship is one where we don't have the common relationship fight of "why are you not paying attention to me?" or "why do you always go out and do X?  Don't you want to do Y with me?"  Instead, what we fight about is who's turn is it to give the other person what they want.  In my house, the fight is more of a "Please stop doing all these wonderful things for me.  Let me have a chance to do something nice for you."  Neither of us feel abandoned, ignored, unsupported or not thought of.  Instead, we shower each other with thoughtful consideration and kindness.

Serving others builds positive bonds.  It connects people and makes life more enjoyable.  Helping someone in need when they didn't want to bother anyone reunites them to the community and brings them to a more joyful state.

The greatest benefit of being a servant is the tight bonds of fellowship and joy felt by all.  Okay...  The two greatest benefits of being a servant is the tight bonds of fellowship, joy felt by all, and the side effect of others wanting to pay it forward.  Okay...  AMONGST the greatest benefits are . . .