Monday, December 14, 2009

Change changes . . .

With my work dust settling, I am once again looking for ways to improve web design and development. I have been asked to participate in a project to bring another website up-to-date. As I have not finished making this one clean and fully functional, I question my readiness to take on another's.

Wary or not, helping others is key to success in this life. Working on another site only expands the options available for my own site just like helping others expands the options available to me. We are more driven when external, codified needs are presented than the drifting of the obscure requirements placed upon ourselves by our own needs. Moreover, helping others enriches ourselves, those we help, and the world at large. To us, we gain satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. To those around us, we give them solutions and help for their needs. And the world around us is bestowed with added kindness.

We must not stray from ever finding and fulfilling the needs of others. Time can disguise its behavior and slip by unnoticed. Like sand in an hourglass, time appears to shift slowly in the top vassal, implying the vast expanse of time available; while below, the pounding sand falls rapidly and constantly.

Truly random thoughts today.

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